About Us

Kydex Hangun Holster Makers

Kydex Concealments is an all American, Jacksonville, FL based manufacturer of inside the waistband KYDEX holsters who strive to ensure customer satisfaction is continuously at the top of our priorities by offering a 24 hour dispatch on all orders, a lifetime warranty and 60 day money back no quibble guarantee. Whether you are looking for a holster for inside the waistband concealed carry or outside the waistband holsters that stand up to the conditions of competition shooting events, we have you covered.
Since our inception we have always handcrafted every single one of our holsters to the finest of finishes, with every single holster having a smooth finish on the edges to allow for a comfortable fit that makes sure the carrier of the holster does not get their skin pinched, yet made of a very rugged and durable materiel that can withstand the worst of conditions these holsters really are the competitions biggest fear. We are taking over, we are here to stay!