Benefits Of Carrying A IWB Kydex Holster

If you are in the market for concealed carry, you might actually get confused as there are tons of these holsters. In the last couple of years very few holsters have stood out from the crowd and one has proven to be an effective concealed carry. The iwb Kydex carry is actually the hottest holster product on the market at the moment, this is primarily because this holster comes with various benefits and features. We will try to discuss some of the main benefits of this carry, they include;

1. They are strong, lights and thin

With a thickness level of about 0.60° to about 0.125°, this holster is thin when compared to the others. This feature does not in any way affect it as it is able to retain its original shape even after it has gone through severe situations. While it is thin, it is at the same time strong, this is why it has been able to survive for a long period of time. In 2012, It was reported that this holster was deployed alongside soldiers by the Elite Military Division for about 5 months in the Middle East. After their return, it was discovered that these holsters came back exactly the way they were. They were still intact. This clearly shows that it is strong.

2. Concealability

As mentioned earlier, the Kydex holster is thinner and stronger. This feature makes the Kydex more concealable than any other holster you might choose. Their thin nature makes them perfect for fitting your pistol, thus making it go unnoticed. Making use of a concealed carry means that you want your pistol or short gun to go unnoticed, the Kydex holster offers you that opportunity.

3. It gives comfort

Not just being a strong holster, the iwb Kydex is comfortable. Why do we say so? This is simply because information about the position you would love to keep the holster, the angle, as well as the size of your waist, could be perfectly tuned into this holster to ensure that it caters for all your carry needs.

Also, these holsters come with adjustable cants, these cants can be used to help set the holster at the exact position where you would love to carry it. It is interesting to know and this added comfort that comes with it is one reason why most people have opted for it.

4. They are durable

These Kydex holsters are made from KYDEX sheets. It combines various components that offer it higher rigidity, chemical resistance, toughness, good interiors as well as formability. These features mentioned above make the Kydex holster durable and could be used in all situations.

You will find it interesting to know that will all these features and benefits that this holster offers, it is maintenance free. Unlike the other holsters in the market, the iwb Kydex holster does not need maintenance as it has all the necessary features that will make it retain its original shape.