Gun Holsters For Women

What is a Gun Holster For Women?

Essentially a gun holster for women is the same as it is for men. Our inside the waistband gun holster commonly referred to and abbreviated as IWB Kydex Holster is quite literally designed to be won inside of the waistband. An inside the waistband gun holster is a great way to conceal your gun and is one of a few methods of firearm carry available to us as gun owners. Although there are many other ways to carry a gun for women and men, an inside the waistband holster is one of the easiest and most comfortable methods available not to mention the fact that the firearm is easily accessible and can be drawn from the holster quickly and easily in any emergency situation where the use of a gun is required to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Why would a woman buy a Gun Holster?
It’s simple. Women who want to protect themselves who carry a gun should buy a womens gun holster because it allows for a very fast draw of your firearm should you need to access it quickly. Drawing from the hip or any other position around the waistline that you may be comfortable with will allow you the speed necessary that keeping your gun inside of a purse simply won’t. With the ever growing popularity of womens gun holsters we have decided to write a little more on what solutions are available for you firearm carry needs.

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What Color Gun Holsters For Women Do We Supply.

We are often asked what color gun holsters we have available for women here at kydex Concealments that would suit the concealed carry needs of our female audience. To answer this question we wanted to write this short guide to let you know what we have available in our gun holster range for women.
With women all over the country carrying more guns than ever before (and for good reason might we add) as well as there now being more women competition shooting than ever before we feel it is important to cater the female gun owner the very same as we do to the male gun enthusiast.
What makes our gun holster for women worth getting? Well to begin with every IWB Kydex gun holster that we ship out is finished with soft edges to allow for comfort against the skin and ensure that the inside the waistband gun holster does not pinch the skin. We understand this is something that all women who carry a firearm are going to want. Even as a man carrying a gun in a holster inside the waistband we don’t want our skin pinched by either the gun or the holster itself so why would a woman?

The Kydex Concealments womens gun holster also has a sweat guard which extends the full length of the firearm and allows for good breathability to avoid that sticky feeling against the skin from the exterior of the holster allowing for a nice fit inside the waistband that is smooth and comfortable.
For the female who is active, our gun holster for women also comes with an adjustable retention intentionally placed between the folds of the gun holster making it extremely easy to adjust with little effort to allow for the retention that feels right for the lady who likes to carry a gun. For the new gun carrier who may not be aware of what retention is, retention simply means how tight or loose the gun is inside of the holster. You can adjust the retention of the gun holster to be more tight if you are a lady who is always active and want to ensure the gun is gripped nice and tight inside of the womens gun holster but have a strong gun draw, or alternatively, if you want the gun to hold well in the holster but have a slightly less strong gun draw you can loosen the retention of the gun holster to allow you to draw your firearm faster with less effort.

Lets move onto the clip. Our gun holster for women also comes with a 1.5” Fomi clip. These clips which are attached as standard to the inside the waistband womens gun holster (just as they are for the mens holster) allow for a nice firm fit on a standard belt. Once you have decided the best position to wear your womens gun holster you simply insert your IWB Holster inside your pants or shorts and slide the 1.5” Fomi clip over the pants and belt to hold the holster firmly in position.
Some might dispute that the Fomi clip is not ideal for the extremely active women who carry conceal a gun however for those women who are very active we do supply a Pull The Dot Loop kit which can be swapped over very easily with minimal effort allowing the more active females to have a fit that definitely is not going to move. With that said we would recommend the Pull the dot loop kit to women who are abnormally active as well as competition shooters, if you are neither of these our suggestion is to try the womens gun holster with the standard Fomi clip and see how it feels for a couple of weeks before purchasing a pull the dot loop kit and swapping it for the standard fomi clip which comes with the inside the waistband gun holster itself.

Obviously, to cater to the ladies who are looking for a gun holster we had to ensure we had the all time girly favourite of Pink. Our pink gun holster can be made in a flat solid pink or in a carbon pink finish.
Another color that is popular amongst women who buy our gun holsters is the Tiffaney Blue. The Tiffaney Blue gun holster for women is a nice baby blue kind of color and is one of our favourite colors of the holsters for women that we sell here at Kydex Concealments.
Although Pink and Tiffaney Blue are very popular, what kind of a range of gun holsters for women would it be without the good old Purple Haze!? The Purple Haze has an almost dark punch look and works well with most outfits. The Purple Punch gun holster is available in both a flat finish and a carbon finish, we would recommend the carbon finish gun holster however this is just personal preference and we all know that women are much better at putting an outfit together than us men! No offence to the male readers but lets be honest.
Finally, for the women in search of a gun holster we also offer a range of other very appealing colors such as the Mossy Oak range. Most of the Mossy Oak range is unisex however there is a good few colors in there that would be much more appealing to the gun holsters for women than the the men. We have inserted the color wheel below for you to look through.
If you’re in the market for a womens gun holster for inside the waistband wear you can click here and look through our range of colors for the gun model that you carry. We will also shortly create a collection of holsters for women to help make it much easier to locate the color gun holster you might be looking for if you’re one of our female customers.

You can visit our IWB and OWB Kydex holster range here.